SGF - Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We have adopted a standard quality audit that evaluates each and every project being executed. It comprises quality audit of design, fabrication, equipments used, efficiency, erection, commissioning and preventative maintenance.
We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and soon going to be DIN (Germany) certified. On specific request we can provide products that are put through the ANSYS certification.
We procure quality materials which are indicated in the contract documents direct from the manufacturers or through their authorized dealers only. The quality of the materials is thoroughly checked and ensured to be of best quality. The test certificates are obtained from the manufacturers and passed on to the clients. For equipment that need fabrication, we go to ISO certified companies. The equipments are inspected at the manufacturing stage; the test certificates are endorsed by our product engineers and sent to the project site where before installation another quality check is conducted by the project engineers with reference to the test certificates.
As far as erection and installation is concerned, our team of project and site engineers ensure that the installation is done with the highest precision and quality. On completion, our testing and commissioning engineers would conduct a final audit and a commissioning report is prepared as a part of the final documentation.
Further 3rd party audits are conducted by the charted engineer on completion of the project to assure 100% quality and client satisfaction.
Our motto is to make products of utmost quality, precision, safety and cater to our customers with a wide range of Material Handling Solutions and their desired requirements.